Ex High Priest John Todd – October 2012

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All These Videos Links To ‘’The New World Order’’

Watch this Video from an EX Illuminate Druid Priest of High Level Witchcraft : John Todd   


A summary of the video which is basically a Question and Answer session: The first part is his testimony … from the age of 5 he only knew witchcraft and was brainwashed about Christianity.  Christians were the most evil and hateful beings in the universe.  At age 14 he was initiated into witchcraft and became an ordained minister of the church in the army – Vietnam.  After that he went to New York City and learned all the new witchcraft.  He was told there is one God and that is Lucifer and that Lucifer is not satan.  Then he was transferred to Los Angeles and there learned that witchcraft was also in politics and had a purpose.  He learned that there will be a world leader who will rule the world supernaturally by taking people’s minds and control it.  Then he was taken to Colorado and was initiated into the 6th realm by a blood sacrifice.  He had a territory of 13 States and was in charge of all the occult, the drugs and the politics.  The only way to get out of the occult successfully is by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Anyone else will be killed by a spell if they try to get out.  He warned the young people that it is real and supernatural … (10min), Acts 16: … there is always a bounty on your head and it starts with 10 000 dollars … (14min), many young girls, aged 12 and older are used for sexual abuse and sacrifices.  Especially run away girls.  The LA County department has a secret squad on the ‘’occult’’ going but never reveal the true state of affairs.  Many young girls bodies were found who were used for human sacrifice etc. – but the media were and still are told that it was / is rape.  Todd himself pointed 4 people out to the police in that area.  They were convicted and jailed for rape and the public was told that it was rape but it was human sacrifices … *Superstition is a form of Christian witchcraft … *Exorcism and the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church’s altar is the same as witchcraft altars, the same as from the temple of Diana.  The bells, the incense, the whole ritual, the holy water which is a mixture of salt water as the witches do … *The council of 13 and it’s purpose … On the dollar bill is the Crest, the pyramid etc.  The Illuminate is an occult organization that he belonged to = the Light bearers.  The witches called it Mariah = the conquering wind, the eye is Lucifer, the triangle of the capstone is the tribunal of the Rothschild family which is called the holy family.  They lead the Illuminate and are the voice behind many organizations.  When they dine, they have 13 places and chairs – the 13th one is for Lucifer and he often dines with them … the top block is the council of 13 of which is the grand druid and John Todd was a member of that.  The druid system of the government is not that the politicians run everything but the same system that Rome had is used.  The priests must rule the ruler.  Since Wilson there has not been a president of the USA that has not been in the Illuminate. The grand druids – senators, governors and political leaders in Todd’s area took direct orders from Todd.  He translated the orders that came from London, the Rothschild’s family.  Todd left in 1972 but the thrust of the council were that in 8 years they would have the whole world.  Todd remembers that chart he has seen and all the things on it happened so far and are still  coming to pass … (22:20min) what part Zionism played in the Illuminate … the Rothschild and few people were born into the Jews but are not Jews.  (see the book of Revelations).  A true Jew believes in Yahweh … The Illuminate believes in Lucifer … a lot of witches wear the star of David but Solomon his son – after he backslid – drew it and it was called the hexagram.  When witches practice magic, they draw a hexagram before calling demons / curses down.  It is called the demon or death star.  When Solomon backslid he became the most holy in the occult.  Everything that the occult practices today is based upon books that he wrote / drew, including the exorcism rites that Catholics uses … (25min) Star Wars is the movie that promotes their spiritual forces the strongest of all the movies at that time.  They do not say satan or Lucifer but ‘’The Force’’.  With the force, you are stronger when you die / you are re-incarnated / you receive guides from people who are dead / ESP etc … the biggest lie of the occult / witchcraft is that it is not good or bad.  It is the person that is good or bad.  This movie emphasizes it a lot.  Witchcraft is ok as long as you are a good person.  The second movie at that time was ‘’Bewitched’’ – it was written by a witch … Halloween is Shaman and it means ‘’the day of the dead’’.  They celebrate thousands of people being sacrificed / skinned alive … (30min) white magic and black magic is a Catholic term.  When they were burning people at the stakes they wanted to protect themselves that practiced it.  But when they wanted to convert a Christian they will say that they are a white witch and not a black witch.  But in their books it does not exist … (31min) hypnosis is of the devil.  Satanists believe in satan but witches do not believe in satan.  Witches are taught that satan and hell is a lie.  John was saved before he knew that there was a satan / devil … first level Masonic initiation rituals are exactly the same as the occult / witchcraft first level initiation.  The wrist that is cut, (he was nude), but the words is exactly the same, the blood pact, the acts and tie, the blindfold, the charge and the same secret pledge, the 6th level is the same as the 33 degree Mason.  Most politicians are 33 degree Masons … (32min) there is no such thing as a warlock.  Either a wizard or a witch in witchcraft … the Rothschild believes that Lucifer is the most fluent in England that is why they live there.  Only 2% Christians in England … (34-35min) Gal 5:19 …. Fruit of the flesh … V20 is not witchcraft but sorcery and in Greek is means = use of drugs … witchcraft is demonic worship.  Deut 18; 10 it is an abomination to God.  That time they did not have the blood of Jesus and His power to cast the demons out so the people had to be stoned outside the city because they knew if you went to a fortuneteller then you had the same spirit that he / she had.  If you went to medium and sat in a séance you had the same spirit as the medium.  If Astrologer and do your chart, the same spirit into you.  His foster mother told him that she lit a candle and sends the spirits from the underworld into each person’s astrology chart then they are under her controlAlso so with her books that every person reads – to be addicted to the occultAll writers of the occult do that.  Deut 18: 10‘’do not let children your walk through the fire’’.  Not same as walking on fire coals, but their children offered up to Baal worship for sacrifice – that is divination.  Also fortune told by cards.  Para- psychologists call it clairvoyance but it is divination.  Familiar spirits are spirit guides of people who have died.  They are demonic spirits and are fallen angels with Lucifer …. so-called ESP / tarot cards … ordinary cards are more powerful than tarot cards because older than tarot cards … observer of times is astrology and demons are behind it.  Some Christians say that it is ok because the 3 wise men were astrologers … not, they followed the stars because they were astronomers … enchanters are hypnotists and bend forks etc… Para- psychologists calls it telekinesis … (45min) a charmer a consulter of spirits is a medium = somebody who asks … Ouija board is a consulter of familiar spirits … swing the pendulum is same thing … a wizard is a male witch and not a warlock … a necromancer uses familiar spirits to tell the future … Acts 16;16 divination = fortunetelling / soothsayer … Jeanne Dixon is a soothsayer … satan counterfeits God … (some more stuff to listen to …) … (48min) listen about CS Lewis / Tolkien … not from God – burn the books … (49min) TV is used to advertise their symbols and to hypnotize people and burn things into their minds etc … ABC and CBS is owned by the Illuminate … Christian TV stations receive large amounts from the Illuminate and not find hard core gospel being preached on it anymore … (some more stuff) … (51min) UFO’s are fallen angels of Light to deceive the world into believing that we will be invaded and a one world army is needed to protect us – they arrive.  There are sacred openings to the occult … Bermuda Triangle / the pyramids / at Antarctica etc … (52min) Wicca = witches comes from that word … witch for female and wizard for male both means = wise one / teacher or leader … warlock was used by the Satanist as to shock people and it sounded tough … ‘’Necromonachon’’ is the witches bible and it’s first verse is from Gen 6 about the ‘’sons of god etc’’ … the Mormons also believes this … (55min) Todd’s books ‘’The Broken Cross’’ and about the ‘’Masons’’ … (56-57min) there are more killers coming and they are in competition with one another to see who can break each other’s records of killing the most people etc … (59min) about Carter / Kennedy and bribes of a preacher who denied that he led them to the Lord etc, that Todd handled himself … (1:00hr) there are top witches in the Church … there are books on the American history that are based on lies … (1:01hr) also about Wesley before he became converted … about Alistair Crowley / Mormons … Rev 18:23 describes Babylon and the Illuminate that stems from that time already and really is a conspiracy and really is almost in every major occult practice and almost all governments and secret societies etc in a book written as a novel by a Rothschild’s mistress, Ann Rayed(Q), ‘’Atlas Shrug’’ she wrote in a type of a code the step by step plan to take over the whole world … it really  is conspired to happenNB! (1:12hr) we were taught that World War one and two just happened because people got mad and that the depression just happened because we bought too much too soon without enough money … because they did not want people to get the idea that somebody conspired it to happen.  (1:13hr) He explains things by illustration and we cannot see it – so pls listen to it – about the Federal Reserve Act  / Commission on the pyramid organization which is the occult / council of 13  and Mormonism believes the same things … the original occult / witchcraft bible was called the ‘’Necromonachon’’, explains the beginning of man according to this and other books that stems from it and eventually thorough the ages these ‘’gods’’ started to live in the Rothschild  who were not mortals or witches but ‘’gods’’, they created the Illuminate.  They believe Adam is alive and ready to rule the world today.  The capstone on the pyramids is the ‘’gods Rothschild’’ and the eye is the eye of the father Lucifer … the council of 13 is the Rothschild’s private ministers and the Illuminate functions as all the ancient pagan governments as Babylon, Egypt, Moab, Greece, Rome, Scotland, Ireland etc … the priests that ruled in the temples told the Pharaohs and the Creasers what to do and they in turn were told by the ‘’gods’’ what to do and the Pharaohs listened to them. The Rothschild’s do the same … (1:18hr) Todd on the Masons – his book: ‘’The Broken Cross’’ / he reads a passage out of a Mason’s book which are supposed to only be read by 33 degree masons … they call Jesus everything that the devil is and visa versa … he explains some of the masons higher rankings … he reads from a Masons book: ‘’the lost keys of Masonry’’, 1942 for masons only … the initiations to become part of ‘’the council of 33’’, is human sacrifice … (1:24hr) the trilateral council and the council of foreign affairs – shocking stuff … ‘’Standard Oil’’ supports the Illuminate … They own most stores / business, banks and they are marked with occult signs … (1:28hr) / (1:33-1:39hr) The Illuminate plan for world take over  – changing some of the laws – … (1:40hr) about the Illuminate and the Zionist conspiracy … (1:41hr) This was / is a shocker to me: the Charismatic movement was planned / initiated and implemented by the Illuminate to destroy the fundamentalist Churches … how would you  feel if you  had to take hundreds of millions of dollars and dispose it to these people to do things for the Illuminate – would you respect them as Christians … I saw 35 million dollars in 2 years go into the Charismatic movement  to build the 4 biggest churches in the USA, plus the ‘’Full Gospel Businessmen …’’ … and saw 20 million dollars given to the most (Q) .. sectarian(Q) given one night … someone asks well, what is a charismatic … the Charismatic Movement to the outside people requires the speaking of tongues okay, and that is separate from  the Pentecostal Denominations and Churches … most people do not realize that the Pentecostal Churches are not part of the Charismatic Movement, in fact many oppose it … in reality the Charismatic Movement was one of 3 steps declared back in 1964 to do 2 things – while their main function was to destroy the fundamental Church of any type … the masons was one and the charismatic’s was the other … the political maneuvers was the third … the Charismatic Movement has 2 distinct signs wherever it goes : one: if it is a fundamental Church it splits it … he has never seen any fundamental / evangelical church stay the same after it came there … *secondly: it unites all the liberal churches … it has brought the Catholics, the Lutherans, the Mormons, the Methodists, the Episcopalians, the Presbyterians etc. together  … he is not a charismatic and is against it because he was on the ‘’council of 13’’ and had to pay out too many millions of dollars to that organization  and their leaders to accept that it is of God because he knows the leaders, since he knows them by first name basis … they also used the Charismatic Movement to establish ‘’jesus rock’’ … a first million dollar cheque and then the 2nd million dollar cheque to Chuck Smith – that created Calvary Chapel – ‘’Maranatha Industries and Productions’’ was money received from the Illuminate and he knew it was Illuminate money.  The purpose was to build ‘’Maranatha Industries and Productions’’  to introduce jesus rock … back then when the churches were preaching against rock music and that scared the Illuminate and the occult world t death!!!!! and at that specific time, they thought their end had come because if that had really happened in the Christian church it would have had the biggest mass revival of souls in the USA that this world has ever seen and that is the purpose for rock music to make sure revival never takes place … they got scared and got smart and they built ‘’jesus rock’’ …they took some of the top ‘’jesus rock’’ songs and you can play the same rock songs over here and it is the very same tune with new words stuck in … NB! a key that witches know about = the sign of the devil / Lucifer’s music is not the words, it is the musicthe power is in the music …the sign of Christian music is in the words not the music(1:46hr) he was in charge of the music concerts etc …the Illuminate do not produce rock music to entertain us or make money – they do not need money but they do it

To put demonic influence into your life …music is a spell and every witch knows it … (some more stuff) count how many demons you have in your home by counting the rock records / cd’s etc … (1:49hr) the strongest man in the charismatic movement is  the man who led the charismatic conference in Kansas City – he was a catholic cardinal  … he said to give him 10 years and all the churches will be one … that is why the uniting of the liberal and the destruction of the fundamentals … He has spoken to thousands of charismatic’s who believe that one needs to be born again but after that do not have to repent of your sins again …Demos Securian, head of the ‘’Full Gospel Business Men’s ….‘’ said he does not believe that we need to repent, and he does not believe in the rapture or in the tribulation … he believes in One World Government that Christians will lead …he said over and over if you believe in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues you need not to repent and if you do not belong to a Church that does not preach the Word of God, do not leave it … stay there …God says ‘’come out from amongst them and be ye separate’’ … the third most powerful man in the charismatic movement is Ralph Wilkerson who tells all the charismatic leaders what to do next … he appears before the council of 13 and takes the orders back to all the leaders …he is the pastor of a multi- million dollar church called ‘’Melvy(q) Land’’ … one of the largest independent Bible schools and universities in the country … everything that is there, the Illuminate bought and build for him … they gave him millions …the reason that he preaches witches can never be saved is because he is scared they will blab on him …people are preaching a last day revival … the only revival will be the devil’s revival … he says more things … and the biggest religion in the USA is the occult … (1:56min) he shows the mark of the beast on a card with a specific symbol on it (we cannot see it) = he explains that if we take the card then we will receive the mark of the beast – a spiritual mark … ‘’on the forehead and the hand’’ = it means that it is spiritual … it means on the ‘’mind and the works’’ of each man … same as the mark that God puts on us – spiritual … he says when the card comes and we take it we have chosen and will receive the mark of the beast … (he says other things) … I must ask myself what am I going to do when we go to the grocery store and cannot buy … (1:58hr) NBNBNBNB!! there are Christians that has accepted Jesus as Savior and there are Christians that has accepted Him as LORD … all of the devil’s power is under the law and the devil was / is defeated by grace … he shows things and comments on it … this was drawn by the devil’s instructions(q) … jewelry inspired by the devil … he has been at a council meeting when they decided that more powerful than: rock music and more powerful than Christians books(q) and astrology charts and Ouija boards, was to place this (cannot see) in their hands, but when ‘’it’’ and the words is cast into jewelry it has power and ‘’that demons follow ‘’it’’ – the idol … they follow the idol that is in it … (Ralph Wilkerson also teaches that Jesus and Satan has united) … the Bible and it’s Words are powerful but through other translations lost some of it’s words … (2:00hr) on other things … Deut 18 … when the real Samuel showed up, the witch was so surprised that she ran out of the place … the Illuminate decided about 70-80 years ago that not everybody will go for witchcraft and created, astrology, yoga or TM = meditations- which was astral projection  and physic powers of ESP etc to be separate entities to draw the people in through ESP … and controlled people’s minds and caused psychic killing (supposed gifts but are counterfeit) … they called it parapsychology and telekinesis etc. which is actually casting a spell … they gave it scientific names … Acts 16:16 the person who had this had demon power and when cast out lost their power … (2:03hr) the most feared man in the occult world is a fundamental Baptist preacher by the name of Jack Howell because he preaches the truth on several doctrines … examples: *on armed Christians *preparing for the end times *that we will see trouble before the rapture *about suffering *teaches the truth on the Illuminate etc *having a intimate relationship with the Lord *on retreats and separation from the world = it really scares the illuminate if a man separates himself from the world and when a man teaches  Lordship to Christ Jesus – it REALLY scares the Illuminate because they know that is an enemy they cannot reach – a person who is sold out to God becomes their enemy(2:04hr) how do we as Christians survive with the necessary supplies, fuel, food etc … he shares some things … Christians always picked up the supplies from the enemy that was going to kill them … there is a difference in killing and defending oneself … (2:8hr) to carry guns and he explains which guns to buy – same as the enemy – because then we can use their bullets / weapons to hunt / supplies … buy food, buy canning jars and plant veggies, canned food is not good- not tomatoes in cans – lead poisoning, buy dehydrated food, make and have food for at least 3 months, 3 meals a day for every member of your family … but stock up for 6 months to a year – medical supplies … (2;14hr) is Pope Paul and the Catholic church involved in the Illuminate … yes he isthere is one person whom he cannot mention in order to stay alive, this man is a catholic and takes orders from London who are into the occult … all cardinals are too … (216hr) sell your home and build a home on a retreat … the world is going to go mad and will loot everything and we will not be able to survive in the city at that time … because the demons will lead the looters up to your doorstep and while we are there rebuking them and expect them to fall over, he will use his shotgun because he already had people shoot at him and his family … he is alive because God is keeping him alive and warns him and because he is prepared(2:18hr) Larry Flint (Q) was he a true convert of … Ruth Carter Stapleton … Ruth was probably the most powerful witch he ever met – he studied under her … Gary Allen associated with the Bourke society … a group who has half truths is worse / dangerous than a group who is ignorant … Have nothing to do with a group that you do not know 100% everything about them or their leaders … some people that are in the Bourke society do not know who their leaders are … the Rockefellers are not the head of the Illuminate and some people say it is … they are second in charge … not one Jew on the council, but they made some of them Jews a long time ago … the Bible in Revelations says that they are not true Jews but the ‘’synagogue of satan’’ … (2:23hr) what wrong with Star Wars … everybody that signs a contract on Star Wars is an initiated witch and prove what brotherhood they belong to before they could start … two: one leading guy that played Luke … wanted out and they did not want to let him go because they wanted to make Star Wars 2 but he said he wanted out again and they said no … he cast a spell on another leading actor who died … then they let him go because he said to the producer you are next if not let me go … the main reason for Star Wars are the 5 major doctrines of witchcraft that are taught in the movie and over 1million people joined the occult since watching the movie … 45% witchcraft is seen in the movie and 93%  casting of spells … In  major soap opera’s, you have to be a witch before you can star in them … ‘’The Young and Restless’’ had a major staff changeover and ‘’All My Children’’ and ‘’Secret Storm’’ … (2:25hr) is Larry Flynn a witch … no he is a charismatic and speaks in tongues and speaks regularly to Paul and Peter and have dinner with them … so taught by Ruth … (2:26hr) the six pointed star engagement ring is not good, have it changed … he explains that there was an extremely high women in the Eastern Star, Anne Georgia etc etc … God warns us and we need to be prepared … also to defend ourselves … when people resist him and get mad at what he says, he says that he can be a very famous preacher and be backed up by powerful people if he keeps his mouth shut about 3 things: the Charismatic movement, the Masons and what is going to happen to Christians in the last days … (2:30hr) … JRR Tolkien’s book ‘’The Harvest’’, he is a professed born-again Christian but his books are witchcraft and he was a member of ‘’The Golden Dawn’’ … it is the Rothschild’s private church in London- the oldest coven in the world.  He gained permission from the Rothschild and the council to take things from the book ‘’Shavvels’’(q) and write about it and print them … the tri-logy to ‘’The Lord of the rings’’ etc. are the bible to witches and according to witches those things really work …it is really not fairy tales … CS Lewis is the same as Tolkien etc.  (2:33hr) what to look for when look in the eyes of witches … look in their eyes, they are witches: Jimmy Carter, Stapleton, Cindy Williams, Kate Jackson, Fox Majors, Faye Dunaway and everybody on the three 3 top soap operas which he named … is there a government in the government of the USA = yes, the Illuminate … age of Aquarius end of 1980 and then illuminate take over by 8 year plan … They believe that the only country to take over the world is through America not Russia … demons are commanded to go with every rock album … (2:39hr) the card is all about a time that they are going to give the card out and if you do not have the card then you cannot buy anything then you know it is the mark of the beast … we might go before that, he cannot say … (2:46hr) there were 8 million people out of work because of the coal strike – was planned by Illuminate – but Christians prayed and it worked out alright … Please Listen: NB! (2:52 to 3:42) his testimony on the Illuminate / witchcraft / occult / politics / etc. … and his training etc. … 

*Watch also John Todd on Satanic Symbols: (8:15min)

…. The ‘’Star of David’’ *the Egyptian sun god ‘’Ra’’ / Lucifer … *the broken cross *the 666 sign and the card / cash registers *A book: ‘’None Dare Call It Conspiracy’’ etc.  

*John Todd – Spells And Witchcraft Within The Music Industry.

*John Todds Message From Prison 1 of 4

Uploaded by LivingSignet on Nov 11, 2009 – This was recorded from a letter on John Todd message in prison. He recorded a tape that he was trying to get to Fritz Springmeier it was written down. This is a reading/recording of what his message was, If it doesn’t seem to make sense at times, it is because it was written with incorrect spelling and bad grammar in parts of the letter. This being said the Message is clear, pass it on./ Message date. Feb. 26, 1991 / Fritz Springmeier is now suffering in a similar manor to that of Todd’s. / Category: News & Politics // Uploaded by SaladinWarKurde on Sep 12, 2010

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